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Technological terms used in educational technology to know about

By Brewster / September 16, 2020

You might find them to be funny tech terms, but it is best to know their true meaning and usage as you embark on your journey through the educational technology which is being embraced everywhere. Be it in schools, colleges and workplaces, technology in learning has gone a notch higher.

• SIS – Student information system: It is a software system that is devoted to tracking as well as making analysis of the data for students. It tracks the information of students such as test scores, subjects taken and attendance. The student information system can be utilized in seeing where the student requires more help or the best way they can be assisted.
• Synchronous classes: It refers to classes where all teachers and students attend online classes at the same time. Unlike the online classes where students happen to participate in classes as they wish at their own pace, the synchronous classes have designated time for starting. They are designed to emulate regular physical classes. Students can participate in discussions and lectures in real-time without the need to have to wait for a response later on.
• Virtual classroom: It is a classroom that is in an online room where the students who are attending the classes learn at the same time, ask questions. In a virtual classroom, everyone is allowed to see or hear what those others who are there are saying and answer the questions as they are asked. It brings something close to a physical classroom online.
• Webinar: It is a presentation that is focused on a particular topic that is hosted as well as attended virtually. Attendees are allowed to sign up the advance and then taken to a lecture that is digital, or videos, slides, or other multimedia will be used in the presentation. Webinars are done in conjunction with the technology of video conferencing and software.

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