How to end up with a gold trading account on the auto trade gold platform?

How to end up with a gold trading account on the auto trade gold platform?

Creating an account and trading with gold on the auto trade gold platform with automated bots is simple. In this article, let us discuss the process of account creation in brief.
Preparing yourself
The account creation process in the autotrade gold platform will not be different from the ordinary trading account creation process. So, you should ensure that you are prepared with the necessities before you log on to the site. The primary requirement would be an active bank account from which you can take and deposit money. Without this bank account, you could not have a trading account as both are linked. After keeping your bank details on hand, you should check whether you have an active email address. When you create a trading account, you will get a code to your email address. Hence, the active status of your mail is vital. Afterward, you must have your identification proof to confirm your personality.
Creating an account
If you are eligible to create an account, you can do the following.
• Since a broker is needed to take care of the orders you make, you should open an account on Panthera’s website.
• You will give your personal information and email address to create this account.
• As you have mentioned your email address, a code for verification would come to your inbox in the next instance.
• Once you copy and paste this code on Panthera, your account will be open for further verification processes.
• Now, you should give your KYC information. An identification proof with a visible photo of yours could do this. After one day, your account will be up for use.
• Now, you should open a gold trading account.
• You can start buying the bot and trading on the platform after making the necessary deposit amount.

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